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  • Serversetup multi-tenant Kopano+Postfix+SASL+rspamd+openLDAP (Debian 10 buster)

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After you logged in with the "admin" account, create a new object of type 'Security ObjectinetOrgPerson' called 'kopanoservice' and assign it a password. :

  • Click "Tree View" in the top right
  • Select top level entry "dc=example,dc=com"
  • Click "Create child entry"
  • Select the "Default" template
  • Choose "inetOrgPerson" from select box → click proceed
  • Fill in the fields cn (kopanoservice), sn (kopanoservice) and userPassword (SSHA password hash)

This will be the user which Kopano and postfix will use to access LDAP.

If done correctly LAM should display a dn of 'uidcn=kopanoservice,dc=example,dc=com' for the user.